A Blue Raft on the Blue Sea

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Fuck it happened. I’ve finally been caught singing in an elevator. Oh well hope they enjoyed my off tone voice!

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Hate, Rain On Me- Andrew Jackson Jihad

"I’ve got to get out of my skin
But I don’t know where to begin
And right now I feel worthless
And I feel crazy

Hate, rain on me
Hate, rain on me

I wanna put on my sweatpants
You know I’m trying to quit
I want to give a shit again”

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Joyce Manor- Heart Tattoo

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The Menzingers | The Obituaries

I will fuck this up
I fucking know it

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If you think you are better than me

You’re right

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Rene Magritte ~ “The Familiar Objects”, 1928

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My favorite photo of Modern Baseball.

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I was sitting

Safe inside my bedroom walls

But it wasn’t 1990 at all

But the future scene to be

Just floatin’ and every day seems like the last

I think I’m livin’ in the past

The other half moves too fast. 

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Riot fest has been perfect. I got to start the day out yesterday seeing Macaulay Culkin sing about pizza 👍

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